Saturday, January 2, 2010

Kicking off 2010

I am not one to make resolutions, but those who know me well know that if there is a list to be made, I am on it! Sometimes, just for fun, I write lists to organize my other lists, and when that's done, I'll devise a MASTER list to clean up those pesky other lists laying around.

So how could I possibly kick of 2010 without a list? If I put it on THE LIST, then I will be compulsively driven to complete the task because if there is anything more fun than writing lists, it's being able to cross something off the list!

THE LIST v.2010

1. Pay off our credit card debt
2. Eat healthier: more fresh fruits and veggies
3. "Run" (or slightly jog) a 5K
4. Drop these last 30lbs of baby weight
5. Track the amount of coupon savings for the entire year
7. Read the entire Bible

Who's with me???


Indigo said...

I'm posting my resolutions on my blog in the next day or two - I'm there with you on the eating healthy (this should be fun, since I have to make everyone go GF/CF without exception), and on the losing weight part, once I have surgery. I also plan to read your archives - I keep forgetting you have a blog!

Carol said...

Still contemplating mine, but I applaud your list. It's doable, balanced and fabulous for you. :)