Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009--The Good, The Bad, The Sad

I started doing this quite a few years ago when I was heavy into scrapbooking, and I would make an entire layout for just this. Now that time is limited and I haven't touched the scrapbooks in years, I just tend to reflect on this either in a journal or a blog and try and use it as my launching point for the new year.

The Good

  • Jenny was promoted at work

  • Nathan finally learned to ride a bike without training wheels

  • Scout joined our family shortly before Christmas

  • Jenny was baptized in Cobb Lake

The Bad

  • Jenny was in a car accident (her fault!) on Valentine's Day, the van was a total loss

  • Jenny was in another car accident (NOT her fault!) with the "new" van over the summer

  • Nathan's bike was stolen from our front yard

  • Our house in Eastpointe--STILL FOR SALE, three years and counting

The Sad

  • Whiskey the dog passed away

  • Pastor Todd left Gun Lake Church and moved to California. Sad for us, not him!

  • Many of our friends ended 2009 with empty arms and we pray that they are blessed with children during 2010.