Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Weekend

We had a pretty fun weekend and we kept it on the cheap, that's for sure! I had Thursday-Monday off work, so I did attempt a yard sale for a few days, but there just wasn't enough traffic to justify giving up family time for a few bucks and I ended it a day early. We made nearly $100, but I felt like we should have done way better. I loaded up a significant amount of the stuff and just drove it straight to Goodwill and have zero regrets. I'll take the tax deduction over the cash.

One thing I did experiment this weekend with is buying a gift certificate online from I paid $3 for a $25 gift certificate to a newly remodeled bar in town. My sister and Nena babysat (free), so Matt and I went out together. One of the rules on the certificate was that you had to spend $35 and this place was so cheap that even with both of us drinking Diet Cokes, getting an appetizer, 2 meals, and splitting dessert, we still came in a hair under the $35. Thankfully they took the certificate anyways. After the certificate and tip, it was still less than $20, so not too bad. The math will drive you crazy though trying to figure out if it was a decent deal or not.