Sunday, May 10, 2009

Die Debit DIE!!

Matt and I are very motivated to get our van paid off as it's something we never wanted to finance to begin with, so I've been putting as much toward it as possible. The thing is that Matt's working full time now, so we do have a bit more in the budget, but at the same time we have to cover daycare and gas, so it's not like we're clearing big bank or anything, plus factor in that there are house expenses that really do need to be taken care of.

Anyways, tonight Matt asked for a quick update on the car and I am happy to report the following:

Van Loan:
1742.44 owed
737.56 PAID since 2/09

Credit Card:
$6112.95 owed

Student Loan:

We started out our Dave Ramsey journey $40,000 enslaved to various lenders in September 2008, and by the Grace of God, I am proud to report that we have managed to magic up $16, 600.87!

There are good things coming our way, I can feel it! PRAISE HIM!