Sunday, June 5, 2011

We LOVE Summer!

How much do the Ward's love summer? Let me count the ways!

1. Free admission to the Allegan County Park. That's FREE beach access and a nice little playground for the kids. We've already gone once, and it's only the first of many, many trips I am quite sure.

2. You can add the yearly admission for the Michigan State Parks to the renewal of license plates for only $10/year! What an amazing deal! We haven't gone yet, but we will be spending a lot of high quality time at the Yankee Springs State Park, which is practically in our back yard, but who knows where else we might end up with a sticker!

Summer is always such a fun time for us. Our weekends fill up fast and it's so fun! We'll be spending a lot of time at family reunions, picnics, hanging out at the county park, scouting events, and then we want to do a few (frugal!) things as a family like Michigan Adventure and some camping. The 2 boys are registered for a week of daycamp at Camp Manitou Lin, Nate will be spending a week at Lake Ann Camp with church, and of course all kids will be going to Vacation Bible School.

School isn't even out yet and we've spent this whole weekend in our swimsuits, this is a GOOD SIGN!