Friday, March 25, 2011

Bucket List

I try and keep the focus of this blog on financial goals and activities, but all considering, this very much ties together a lot of financial and personal goals. I have been thinking about putting this "Bucket List" down for quite some time and finally got my thoughts organized enough to begin it.

A lot of the reason why Matt and I have been so eager to be debt free is because we want to be able to use our finances to glorify God. What better way to be the hands and feet of Jesus than to be able to freely give to those in need when we are blessed with so much? Of course there are always way to do kingdom work without money, and we actively work towards that, but not having the stress of debt and the obligations tied to us will certainly open up doors for ministry that we might not otherwise be able to perform.

This is my first draft of my personal bucket list. Matt doesn't have one that I am aware of, but he is very much a part of many of these. Some are personal, some are family, but they are all things that I very much look forward to crossing off.

  • Run a 5K

  • Sing in a choir

  • Read the entire Bible

  • Go on a missions trip

  • Open a B&B

  • Visit Ireland

  • Go on a cruise

  • Give my Christian testimony

  • Finish a master's degree

  • Go in a hot air balloon

  • Take my kids to Disney

  • Be completely debt free

  • Learn to ski

  • Be in a movie

  • Be a mentor

  • Visit South America

  • Visit Europe

  • Visit Asia

  • Visit Australia

  • Visit Africa

  • Visit a National Park

  • See Mt. Rushmore

  • Go to Vegas

  • Blog my life story for my kids

  • Feed the hungry

  • Go to an NFL football game

  • Stay at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island

  • Visit Niagra Falls

  • Attend service at Saddleback Church

  • Meet my dad

Anyone else brave enough to blog what their bucket list is? Will you share?