Thursday, February 11, 2010

Gone Baby Gone

Hard to believe, but today I scheduled the FINAL payment on our credit card. I honestly can't remember a time in our relationship where we haven't had some sort of credit card payment to contend with. It was a long road that we started down, and while the numbers were somewhat fuzzy, I look back and see that of the nearly $40,000 in debt we started with, approximately $12,000 of that was credit card debt.

When we got our tax return back, we were thankfully able to be able to cover quite a few things that needed to be taken care of:

1. Tires on our van
2. Paid off the credit card
3. Paid our property taxes

I'll admit and throw out there that once those 3 things were taken care of, we did purchase a new desktop computer for our house. Matt is actually building it because he was able to get a pretty good deal on the parts vs a ready made system. Our desktop died quite a few months ago and we've been trying to run things off of a second hand laptop that I bought from work, and every once in awhile it takes an absolute dump and we get the blue screen of death. We aren't very "hard" on our computers, so I anticipate we'll be holding onto this one for quite a few years, much like we did with our dearly departed desktop.

Starting debt: $39216.30
Amount paid: $25,153.71

$14062.49 until we are DEBT FREE


Moderate Means said...

Congratulations!! We plan to pay off our credit card by the end of the year and I can hardly wait. You must be thrilled!!


mamachrista said...

Hi from DS!! We paid off our last credit card last month and it was amazing, Now, granted, the bulk of our debt isn't in credit cards, it was still AWESOME!!