Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Search & Win

So a bunch of message boards I belong to are hopping on the Swagbucks wagon. I figured I would sign up and see. I have racked up about 25 bucks in the past few days and I'll see if it's worth it as far as what I can cash them in for. I used to do a similar thing with Blingo, but never seemed to "win" with it, so I gave that up ages ago. This way it looks like I'll be able to "redeem" vs win.

I posted my referral link if anyone is interested in trying it. Like I said, I see people on a few sites really racking up the "bucks" and cashing in, so why not right?


Erin said...

I saw your blog on TCOYF and joined the swagbucs under you.. ill let you know how it goes. Thanks