Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Weekly Shopping

I wanted to post my amazing diaper deal today, but I misplaced 2 of my receipts, so I will have to do that tomorrow. It's a great one, probably one of the best ones ever in fact.

But what I will post is my Meijer shopping trip that I did today on my lunch hour. I ran into a co-worker there and she was amazed at the fist full of coupons I had. I had quite a bit in my cart, and I told her that I was probably up to about $10 by that point, which even that blew her away.

Items purchased:
3lbs of bananas, 1 bottle of organic ketchup, 3 2ltrs of Pepsi, 2 boxes of brownie mix, 2 cans of diced tomatoes, 4 boxes of Ziplock bags, 4 boxes of Fiber One bars, 4 boxes of Curves granola bars, 4 boxes of Strawberry Yogurt Cheerios,

Total before coupons and sales: $60.79
Total spent: $20.61

On my way into work, I made a quick stop to Hardings to pick up yogurt that was on sale this week and came away with:

7 cups of Dannon yogurt, 3 bags of Chex mix, 1 bag of croutons

Total spent before coupons: $7.77
Total spent: $3.77

Yes, we are a pretty breakfast heavy household, in fact I think my kids would eat breakfast food for dinner every night of the week if I let them.